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Hello World, I'm Ali and I have loved photography for years. Back in the day, I was a model and spent about 10 years in front of the camera. But modeling was never a calling for me, and I spent more time making funny faces than actually "modeling".


I attended Fullerton College and took many classes in Photography, with an emphasis on Film/TV. I've also been a professional stage manager for several shows throughout Southern California.

As well as receiving a Diploma in Photography from the Shaw Academy, I've also earned a Directing Certificate from Film School Online, Directing & Filmmaking Certificate from Udemy, and have enjoyed many AFI Workshops with SAG each summer during their summer intensive program. 

Additionally, I continue to take classes through Canon Live Learning and am a proud SAG-AFTRA performer and Filmmaker. 


I've won several photography contests with ViewBug (most recently, the 'Celebrity Award' in May 2019). and I'm very proud to have had some of my work displayed at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Ogre Gallery, 1650 Gallery, Quadchella at Fullerton College, AND in September 2018 I was a featured photographer in Oprah Magazine!

I was recently interviewed by VoyageLA Magazine as well, check out the link below!


In 2016, I saw a need for female photographers to come together & encourage one another in this field, so I founded the Female Photographers League Of SoCal. There are currently 200 amazing ladies in that group! I'm so proud of all that we've done, and the friendships that have been made. 

Then in 2017, I was approached by a couple of author friends of mine about doing some "clean romance" photos for them, for their book covers. After hearing their plight over trying to find clean photos for this niche of the romance genre, I started doing photoshoots with several models spanning various genres, and I created a stock photography site for the needs of the clean romance authors out there. Link below!



Links & Gallery Showing Info: 


VoyageLA Magazine "Inspiring Stories" Interview:



Oprah Magazine Feature: 



1650 Gallery Exhibit: 

http://1650gallery.com/closeup2018-show/large-47.html and 



OCCCA Exhibition:



Fullerton College - Quadchella Spring 2019

Gallery Exhibition - Macro Print 'Tiny Freeway' Displayed


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Female Photographers League of SoCal:


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