About TheFilmAli Photography


I have loved photography for years. When I was younger, I was a model & spent about 10 years in front of the camera. But that was never my calling.

I attended Fullerton College and took many classes in Photography, and I went back to finish my Art degree & recently graduated. I also got a degree in Art & Human Expression & another in Social Science.


I also have been a Producer & Cinematographer for a couple of music videos, a short film & currently on 2 documentaries.  As well as been a professional stage manager for several shows throughout Southern California.


In 2016, I saw a need for female photographers to come together & encourage one another in this field, so I founded the Female Photographers League Of SoCal, now with almost 300 members. We have monthly shoots & many friendships have come out of the group, I'm very proud of it. 

In the end, I'm a storyteller & I love capturing all of life. 



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