Film Reel

Finished Projects

-Hanna Eyre's Music Video, 'Cyanide" - Hanna was a contestant on 'The Voice' as well as the lead singer for the band 'The Ashley's'.

She was a fan favorite on 'The Voice'! 

(Role: Assistant Director, Assistant Producer, On-Set Still Photographer, Location Scout & Makeup Artist)

-Behind the scenes: On-set Still Photographer for Hanna Eyre's Music Video, 'Cyanide" (Role: On-Set Still Photographer)

-'LIA Z' music video Bruno Mars cover. LIA Z is a talented up and coming, singer and dancer. (Role: Editor)

Current Projects - In The Works:

-Ali is working on a video project for the Placentia Tamale Festival which will be used for their 25th Anniversary Celebration in Winter 2019.

(DP & Editor)


-Ali is also currently in post-production on a music video for '3 Days of March'.


-She was also just hired and is now in pre-production, for a music video for 'Deep Drain'. (DP/Production Design/Director/Casting)

-Ali just finished shooting a short film for Dawn Spranger, and up and coming screenwriter, Christina Miles. (DP/Producer/Production Design/Casting/Makeup)

-In 2019 she is shooting a short film about Amelia Earhart. 

(DP/Director/Writer/Production Manager/Casting & Designer)